15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 3 months pregnant can i drink sprite

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Answer: It's better to avoid artifical (carbonated drinks)gas beverages.. Instead you take tender coconut (not to take tender coconut in empty stomach in early morning, intake after water or any solid foods)...☺
Answer: It's better to avoid drinking cool drinks during this time .It's better to take fresh fruit juices...
Answer: Plz avoide soft drinks during pregnancy because soft drinks contains caffeine....
Answer: Avoid these kind of drinks ...Instead of this take fresh juice
Answer: It's better to avoid aerated drinks during pregnancy
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Question: can I drink sprite?
Answer: Pls avoid gastric drinks hav coconut water,lemon juice and orange juice
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Question: Can I drink Sprite in little quantity?
Answer: Please avoid those thing in pregnancy.. Tender coconut water is best drink when ur are pregnant it will make ur baby skin also glowing.
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Question: Can i drink sprite?
Answer: You should not consume cold drinks during pregnancy time. these will increase more gas problem. you can drink juices shakes.
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