22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 5 months pregnant, and anamoly scan I completed. All looks good. But my legs pain, it's not unbearable but u want to know if this is normal n what is the remedy for this?

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Answer: Take hot shower u may feel reliev Take rest
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Question: I want to know why anamoly scan is done. Today i completed 16th week. N anamoly scan is suggested to get it done between 14th to 18th april
Answer: Hi,this scan is also called mid pregnancy scan.Ot is usually done between 18-21 weeks. It helps to know the physical abnormalities in the baby. It helps to know in in detail at the baby's bones, heart, brain, spinal cord, face, kidneys and abdomen. It is advisable to get it done
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Question: I have completed nt scan. In 5th month one more anamoly scan is there. If nt scan is normal then anamoly scan is normal or not
Answer: Hi dear Happy to help you See both the tests are equally important. Yes its a bit expensive but its a need to. Better not to skip any tests. Cant assume reports. Tkcr Hope my answer was helpful
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Question: Hello all,I have completed my 5 months i m having frequent urine is this normal
Answer: Yes... It is absolutely normal since your hormone has change and ur urinary bladder is being push down by your baby.
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Question: IV completed six months but sometimes I have vomitting so I'm scared if this is normal... Vomiting sensation is very rarely sometimes not always... I hope it's normal
Answer: Yes it is normal .. don't worry..!!
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