33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8 months pregnant frm 1st trimester i gained weight 10 kgs till nw is it ok

Answer: Hi dear, You can expect an increase of 12- 18 kgs of weight in your whole pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can lead to complications like gestational diabetes.you can start eating smaller meals instead of larger meals.avoid sugary food and refined food. Start mild exercises daily.
Answer: 11 to 13 kg is ok if your baseline weight below 45. If ur pre pregnancy wt was batween 45 to 55 then 10 kg sufficient
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Question: Now i am 4 months pregnant...the weight iam having 48.5 kgs....1st month weight that iam 51 kgs...but now i decreased tge weight ..is it ok
Answer: Yes it is common to lose weight in first trimester it is because of lot of nausea and vomiting don't worry you will gain weight from now on please eat good nutritious diet also drink milk with protein powder.
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Question: Ihav gained 4 kgs compare to my last month weight.. i am 7 months pregnant.. is this ok during pregnancy
Answer: Hi, during rhe entire prwgnancy a wonen can gain around 12-16 kgs of weight so there is no problem dear. Eat well. Drink lots if water take care
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Question: I am not gaining much weight now I am 21 weeks pregnant and I gained only 2 kgs till now
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can start having dry fruits from now on..cashews, almonds , apricots , raisins, dates, walnuts , and pistachios are some dry fruits to eat during pregnancy. Since dry fruits are nutritious, you should aim to include the recommended quantity in your diet each day. You need to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein, fibre and carbohydrates in your diet. Avoid unripe papaya and pineapple. Take folic acid and vitamin supplements if required, for your child healthy development and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
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