30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii..I am 7 month pregnant or mujhe gale me jalan bahut hoti hai..khana bhi thik se nahi kha pati gale me jalan ke karan..

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Answer: Its normal, you can take tablet pan D before lunch and dinner and drink cold milk at night that will help you to reduce your symptoms
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Question: I am 24 weeks preg..mujhe gale me jalan hoti hai khana khane k baad...
Answer: This is acid feel if it happens after food with burping and feeling that food will come in the mouth. The type of meal is very important if you are eating big meals at one time it may cause a lot of gas to you you must drink minimum 3 litre of water a day to help regularise the Detox function of your body which will remove the toxins and improve your digestion. Avoid eating cabbage cauliflower broccoli at dinner time food such as pasta oats brown rice and Missi Roti a mixture of 5 multigrain Atta is good to prevent gas you must avoid potatoes at dinner time and chana dal as well as heavy Dal such as Rajma. sometimes corn also causes gas and pain because if it is not properly boiled properly roasted however the severe pain in abdomen with cramps with diarrhoea constipation should be reported to your gynecologist . if it is not getting corrected with omez tablet and you are feeling severe heartburn as well as you vomit because of acidity then this can be gastro-oesophageal reflex and gastritis which should be treated in a different way yoga exercise in morning time routine always helps to balance the stomach problems drink two glasses of water straight after waking up from bed and preferably used at Tamba / copper vessel this will help to normalise the acid in your stomach and will prevent gas.
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Question: Mujhe bahut ulti hoti hai iska koi upay hai? Mai khana bhi acche se nhi kha pati.
Answer: Subah uthate sath hi bed pe Kuchh nashta kar le like biscuits ya Kuchh aur.
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Question: I am 4 month pregnant mujhe vomit bahut hoti h khana bhi nahi khaya jata h
Answer: This is normal ... but khana to khana padega ....Eat before or as soon as you feel hungry. An empty stomach can aggravate nausea. You can have sweet lime or lime juice ... Keep urself hydrated... This condition can lead to dehydration, which is serious during pregnancy. It also can affect the nutrition you get and your baby is taking nutrients from your body, which may leave you feeling depleted...
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