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Question: I am 6 month pregnant nd have pain in my right rib is it normal?

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Answer: Rib pain during pregnancy is common, especially in the third trimester as your baby grows. ... Pregnancy rib pain can be the result of your baby physically kicking you in the ribs, stretching out under your ribs, or just moving by yourribs. The pain can also be caused by your muscles stretching out.
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Question: I m feeling pain in my right side rib. Is it normal or any problem..
Answer: Hello dear Rib pain during pregnancy is caused by pressure from the top of your growing uterus, as well as your baby kicking or punching the area. Make yourself as comfortable as possible by wearing loose fitting clothes Support yourself with cushions when lying down Sit up straight and create more room, while supporting your back Avoid sitting down for too long every two hours get up and take a stretch break or short walk Heat packs or cold packs whatever works best for you Take a nice hot shower on your back Exercises that help you stretch out and support your body
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Question: I am feeling pain under right rib cage just after i had lunch..is it normal ?
Answer: Hello dear, Soreness and pain experienced under the left breast during pregnancy are often caused by pressure from the top of the uterus as it grows, or if the baby is kicking or punching the expectant mother. The pain can be worse when leaning forward. ... the rib cage changing position to allow space for the baby in the abdomen. Try  prescription medicine,  Try heat. Put a heating pad, a hot water bottle, or a warm compress on your lower belly, or take a warm bath. Heat improves blood flow and may relieve pain.
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Question: why do i have pain in my right rib? is it normal
Answer: Hllo dear u r 33 weeks pregnant dear when baby grow uterus also grow side organs r shifted its puts pressure on muscles. That's why u have ribs pains nothing to worry abht its muscular .after delivery it 'll be f9 by his own .give warm compress on right ribs ,apply pain relief oil it 'll gives u relief .Try it
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