12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 3 month pregnant..i took scan today..the doctor told that the placenta is posterior near to uterus mouth..will the position change or it will be a risk with my pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear..the position of the palcenta will definitely change. Don't lift weights or overstrain yourself, it might cause bleeding. Bed rest will make the placenta become correct positon. There's plenty of time. Right now it's not an issue. Only in the second and third trimester the palacenta position matters. Nothing to worry dear.
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    hema sri31 days ago

    Thank u sis..your reply gives me a great relief

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Question: I am 35weeks pregnant my baby is now Vertex presentation and posterior placenta if this position may change or it will be in same position till my delivery
Answer: Hi! Vertex is a head down position when baby down its head and prepare for birth. Generally it doesnot turn and stay put. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant..i took the anmoly scan on 14 of this month..the doctor told me that my placenta is placed posterior lowee margin 2cm away from the internal OS. Is this a serious issue..
Answer: Not at issue since u r placenta is placed on the lower side u need to take enough rest and not work much make sure u don't and take enough rest
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Question: Hi doctor, i have done anamoly scan of 21 week and the report say placenta posterior reaching upto internal os. Uterus mouth closed. What should i do for normal delivery. Is there any change that placenta comes up.
Answer: Hi dear there is a high chance of urs to get the placenta up so don't worry. The only problem related to it will be u will feel.baby mobement a bit less and late as compare ot other moms and also do take rest. Dont stress urself. Don't miss ur regular doctor check up to check if placenta has gone up or not.
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