19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 5 month pregnant i fall down from chair then i went to doctor .doctor told ur baby is fine she checked by hand only .i want to know that all ok or not

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Answer: Hi dear, If within 24 hours your baby's activity level is normal and has not vomited then donot worry,you baby is fine.bit take precautions in future.
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    Golu Golu29 days ago

    I vomitted one time and i have pain then i went to doctor she checked me and sonography done she told everything is fine don't worry she show the heart beat of baby also she told everything is fine your baby is fine what is ur suggestion

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Question: Today i went to doctor , i am 19 weeks pregnant, doctor checked babies heartbeat by doppler and said all is ok but this time i was not able to hear heartbeat sound is that ok ?
Answer: It's okay... Don't worry, believe in your doctor. They will inform you if there is any problem. So be cool n stay positive. Everything is going to be okay. Have a nice time, happy pregnancy
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Question: Hi ma'am , today my baby fell down from cot, that time she cried a lot now she is fine . But i want to know is that makes any problem in future should i consult doctor?
Answer: Hi Dear! If baby has not vomited or doesnt hv a swell then dont worry, usually if the height is not more than 2 feet u need not worry however in the next visit pls inform the Dr. and show the baby.. Hope this helps!
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Question: baby fall frm bed yesterday n today also ...he cried for 2minutes then stopped i hvnt went to doc..i hv checked his head n body parts all ok shud i go to pediatrist or not ....
Answer: Please get him checked. I wonder how could you leave a baby alone so that he falls twice. Let's better be safe. Bcoz internal injuries may not be seen by everyone. Their skull would still be in developing stage and hence it's better to take him to a paediatrician and explain him the case.
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