37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 9 month pregnant and I have intense pain in my thighs while moving my legs in walking so I feel so uncomfortable in sleep too .I have placental previa in my ultrasound so is it normal

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Answer: hi dear! so if you have pain in the leg dear, then put oxalgin nano gel dear. it works like a balm and will help with the pain dear. also inform your doctor before using it . and dont worry its safe to use it in pregnancy. and if you have placenta previa then there must be a grade written as well. it depends on how much the placenta is covering the cervix . dont worry . take care dear!
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Question: I feel uncomfortable while walking.feel too much pain in hips...is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal. As your belly is growing bigger and putting pressure on your legs nd hips it is possible to have pain. You can increase your calcium intake. Milk, curd, paneer, cheese, green vegetables will help you with this problem. Do walk everyday for 20 to 30mins. Best of luck
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Question: I am 30 weeks pregnant and I feel pain around my vagina while walking and moving since last month.. Is it normal
Answer: Yes its completely normal . Try to do kejal excercis .. It will ease the pain . Search in internet about kejal excercis .. Do it regularly .. It will help .
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Question: I have pain on groin region. While moving my thighs or turning i can felt it. Why is it so
Answer: Dolue stretch of the round ligaments that passes through the groin holes.it is normal.dont worry
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