28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 7 month pregnancy... my hb is 10. 2. Any complication? And my body is having more itching&rashes present.. Wwhat s the reason?

Answer: Regarding itching and rashes consult it gynaecologist pls. Low level of hb is common in the 3rd trimester.
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Question: Y is itching and rashes present on the sacrum region
Answer: As your abdomen start stretching itching happens which is normal. Try using oil like coconut oil, bio oil etc
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Question: I am getting itching all over my body since 2 days.. Not sure of the reason... Body is getting more dry
Answer: Hello! mild itching is normal..it is because of the increased blood supply to the skin..you can control itching by doing these things *apply coconut or olive oil 3 to 4 times a day on itchy area *wear loose comfy(cotton)clothes * Avoid hot baths. Hope it will help you
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Question: I am getting rashes and itching all over my body . What could be the reason and can it affect my baby. Am 8 weeks pregnant
Answer: It is because of growing uterus, apply coconut oil thrice in a day and it wont affect your baby
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