2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am missing my period... My LMP on 15sep... Still pregnancy test is possible?? Last 6 days have white distarge and lower abdomen pain also

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Question: My prega news test is positive but still I have pain in lower abdomen from last 4 days
Answer: Hello dear if your test positive then you are pregnant congratulations. Abdomen pain is normal in pregnancy too. Now uterus is start to expand and muscles are stretching so abdomen pain occurs. You should go to doctor now.
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Question: Iam missing my period... My last periods on സെപ്റ്റംബർ 18..... still test card is possible??? Last4days have white distarge also
Answer: Dear you have to do the home pregnancy test after 7 days of missing your periods so if your periods were due on 18 then you should do the home pregnancy test on 24th Morning with first urine. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi my last period was jan 3rd till now i have no period and also having headache and lower abdomen pain and leg pain, is this pregnancy symptoms or period symptoms?? If pregnancy, when can i take pregnancy test????
Answer: Hi dear.. to confirm pregnancy you can do home pregnancy test. If you miss your period you can do it After 7-10 days of your period date. Best to test it in morning urine.
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