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Question: I am married and I planning for preganency, during intercourse I have small amount of blood in my vergina. why I have blood?

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Answer: This could be due to some tear in your vaginal walls dear..try using lubricant while having intercourse dear
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    Vidhya Ss300 days ago

    Lubricant means

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Question: Can I have intercourse during pregnancy of 4th month? I am pregnant after 5 years can I have intercourse or not? Safe or not safe
Answer: Hey congrats on your pregnancy 😊..well regarding sex,I was never comfortable in pregnancy time,but my friends used to have,and apparently it is long as there is no complications you can hav sex anytime..but no mater what please check with your doctor also.
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Question: I'm in 8th month of pregnancy. Why do I have sharp pain in upper part of stomach during 3rd trimester?
Answer: during pregnancy our body goes through a lot of changes like a shifting of organs and expanding uterus which is the major reason of getting this kind of pain
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