19 weeks pregnant mother

I am into my 5th month of pregnancy. Before conceived my weight was 50.5 kg and now after 17 wks of pregnancy its just 50.7 kg. It had nausea and vommitting problem, beause of which I was not able to eat properly. Now from last wk its better. I hope it will not casue any harm to my baby. What I need to do now for weight gain.

Its normal in pregnancy. Now u can eat food which includes protein , fats, nd carbohydrates .. Like variety of dal, nuts , dates, eggs , drink butter milk , ask ur dr to suggest protien powder ....... Eat lots of fruits too ......
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Question: My wifes weight now is 50.5 kg now but at our first doctor visit her weight was 51.3 kg, her weight was less 2nd time, is this normal? How can she gain more weight? Kindly suggest.
Answer: She may have protein rich diet..to increase weight..protein powder wt milk,kachha paneer etc
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Question: Before pregnancy my weight was 58 kg. Now I have a seven months old baby and my weight is now 51 kg. Why I lose that much of weight? How to gain weight again?
Answer: Tips which can help you in gaining weight - 1)Eat small and frequent meals , if you are eating 3 meals in a day break them down to 6 and try and have meals every 3-4 hours. 2)Even though you might feel that eating a burger,pizza with some coke and mountain dew would help you in gaining weight ,Beware!!.These foods can make you fat in the long run.Eat good and healthy food by that I mean good amounts of protein,healthy carbs and good fats.You need to build muscle and not a storehouse of fats. 3)Eating protein rich foods i.e foods like milk,paneer,chicken,eggs,fish and cheese becomes important because without enough protein in the diet the entire food would end up turning into carbs and ultimately fats. 4)Eat calorie dense foods like nuts(almond,walnut,cashew,pecan nuts,peanuts) and good amounts of fruits and veggies. 5)If you have to eat carbs then make sure you choose complex carbs like oatmeal,brown rice,quinoa and barley.Do not have too much of simple carbs(candies,doughnuts,pastries,cakes),remember these shall make you plum and not healthy. 6)Exercise!!Yes weight training can be your best friend if you have to put on weight and build some muscles.Resort to compound exercises like squats,bench presses,chin ups,pull ups and dips. 7)Sleep well,by that I mean sleep for at least 8 hours and while you are sleeping the body is building up some muscles. 8)Do not skip meals as if you have to gain weight you need to eat frequently.
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Question: I was 51kg. I couldnt gain weight in first trimester as i had nausea n vomitting. Now its better as m 14weeks pregnant now. I am worried about my diet. Please suggest me a diet plan.
Answer: Just have a healthy meal lots of vegetables and do not forget about the calcium intake Milk is the best source for calcium. Based on the personal experience I used to take 3 glasses a day during my pregnancy . Eat or drink 4 servings of dairy products or foods rich in calcium. Dairy products are the best source of calcium. Other sources of calcium are dark, leafy greens, fortified cereal, breads, fish, fortified orange juices, almonds and sesame seeds. Sweet potatoes are very rich in beta-carotene, a plant compound that is converted into vitamin A in the body. Broccoli and leafy greens contain most of the nutrients that pregnant women need. They are also rich in fiber, which may help prevent or treat constipation.Whole grains are packed with fiber, vitamins and plant compounds. They are also rich in B-vitamins, fiber and magnesium, all of which pregnant women need. Dried fruit may be highly beneficial for pregnant women, since they are small and nutrient-dense. Just make sure to limit your portions and avoid the candied varieties. Drinking water is important because of the increased blood volume during pregnancy. Adequate hydration may also help prevent constipation and urinary tract infections. Hope it helps.
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