19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii...I am into my 5th month.From the past 2 days I feel drowsiness and tired ness the whole days.Feels like sleeping all time.Is it normal...plz reply

Answer: Oh yes ...I am sleeping like log myself these days
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Question: Hii my 9th month get stared... I didn't feel tired till now but past 2 days I am feeling so tired I don't like to even walk and my stomach also paining little bit... What is the reason behind this??
Answer: Hello.. It's completely normal to feel tired during pregnancy. ... Although, if you're working or have a busy family life, you'll have a lot on your plate and will feel tired as a result. As you approach your due date, the tiredness will probably return, because your increased weight places extra strain on your body.
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Question: I feel like eating oranges all the time.Is it ok to eat an orange at night?
Answer: its good to have fruits in first half than in second/ night
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Question: im 6 weeks pregnant.My pelvis hurts and so does my back tremendously.I am tired all the time.Is this normal.
Answer: Dont worry dear it happens to every one and it is normal
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