19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 21 wk of pregnancy and detected with echogenic bowel. Unfortunately I missed both double n quadruple test time frame and now advised to go for Amniocentesis if I wish. I'm supa depressed and don't know what to do. Please advise and what are the chances of down syndrome for my baby?

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Answer: after echogenic doctor gave doubt therefore she suggested for next quadrupa and double marker test. but I don't understand how can you be so irresponsible on dates. you actually keeping your life and fetal in danger. you have no idea how important it is to do in particular time frame. anyways no one can say much about down syndrome might be or might not be. only judge by the next test.
Answer: Was your NT scan normal?. If you have missed double and quadruple. I would suggest go with amnio , be brave everythin will be normal.. Even i took amnio my baby is fine.. if you wish to u can..
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Question: Double marker and anamoly test results are normal but quadruple test has high risk of down syndrome. How can this happen? Double marker was done just 1.5 months before quadruple.and both tests parameters are the same. Should i rely on double marker and Anamoly reports or not.
Answer: hi dear! so if the quadruple test show high risk then further test will be needed to prove that there is no problem in the baby dear. like amniocentesis dear. quadruple test is just to see the risk it does not give confirmation of the abnormality dear. so do the amniocentesis dear just to be sure that there is no problem.and yes you can rely on the dual marker dear. and the pervious scan . but we just have to be sure dear. if you want you can do the quadruple test from another lab and see the results dear. quadruple test have additional enzyme and markers so dont worry we do an amniocentesis and confirm if there is any problem dear. take care
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Question: Hi Dr. Suggested me to do amniocentesis test bcoz my triple marker report is showing that I have chances of down syndrome. This percentage is very low in my triple marker report, like 1of 204. I want to know that if my percentage is low by there is some chances down syndrome for my baby.
Answer: It's not considered like low it's quite high risk for genetic anomaly. It's up to you to decide to go for IPT or not no one will force you but only if you are ready to take any risk. Your NT scan was normal?
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Question: Double marker test..bit nervous and waiting for my report .what is the propability of down syndrome
Answer: Only report can give an answer. Just calm down it's early to be nervous as result hasn't come yet. What about NT scan? Is it ok?
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