9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 8 weeks pregnancy, I am having a blood clot. Is it a problem Dr. advised to be on bed rest and taking MCG 5000 units injection weakly twice. Any suggestion you can give me pls

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Answer: hi dear! so this is subchorionic hematoma dear . dont worry about this big name. its just a collection of blood . normally in 1st trimester bed rest will be good dear. also do continue take the injections dear. so dont worry dear. just bed rest and injections will make things better also you will have to follow up with the scans dear. take care.
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Question: My first pregnancy ultrasound shows a 6 mm blod clot outside the sac. I m advised bed rest . Kindly let me know is it to be worried for.
Answer: no.. just take proper bed rest aling with medicines. it will dissolve soon. i also faced same situation
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Question: Hello.. I am 8 wks pregnant. Last week after bleeding, doc found a blood clot of 2.5cm*3.5 cm and advised me complete bed rest. However baby's growth is fine and heart has started beating. Will bed rest cure the clot in a week's time? If not, how will it affect the baby?
Answer: Hi dear be on complete bed rest dnt worry baby will be fine
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Question: On my ultrasound i m detected with blood clot so doc put me on bed rest...any other precautions to be taken
Answer: hi dear! Over time, the clot may be reabsorbed into the uterus, or it may just be around harmlessly until your baby is born. On your follow-up visit, your doctor will likely perform another ultrasound to find out; as long as the pregnancy is progressing nicely, you’re at no higher risk of complications. the doctor will tell you to have bed rest as much as possible and also you iwll not be able to have sex with this condition.
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