39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 35 weeks, and my stomach inching like anything, can not bare this, please tell some remedies

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Question: I am 34week pregnant my heart and stomach burning in too much please tell remedies
Answer: Hello Dear no gastric problem do not harm baby but it may cause inconvenience to yu.Yu need to take proper and healthy diet. *Currently yu can ajwain with black salt it will give yu relief immediately. *Yu can also take cumin water with sugar on warmer side post eating lunch *Try and walk after yur meal it will reduce bloating. *Yu can cut lemon put little black salt, black pepper and grinded jeera powder roast on small flame and suck. *Being hydrated with juices, coconut water helps a lot *Eat smaller meals in shorter time. *Avoid oily,spicy food n also veggie which cause gas like broccoli,cabbage,potato. *Drink chilled milk always If still yu have no relief then meet yur doctor she may prescribe some anti gastric medications. Take care
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant. Some time i feel tightness in stomach... And its lead to pain in stomach. I am unable to understand why this happened?
Answer: Hi, Tightening of stomach during pregnancy could be due to many factors like detached placenta, growing uterus, gas, bloating,constipation,baby's movements,nearing delivery time etc.. Please consult your doctor to understand what is causing it for you and accordingly work on it. All the best.
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Question: m in 34 wks, and my body is inching like anything, can anyone tell what myt b the reason
Answer: Those r hormonal changes. Add oats powder to bathing water..it ll sooth ur body...if itching exceeds consult doctor..
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