7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 6 week.. Yesterday one drop blood was visible ...now what i have to do now?

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Answer: Consult ur doctor. And if it is only once then don't worry.
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    Tejashwini1028 days ago

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Answer: Please visit your doctor
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Question: I have one drop blood .. what can I do now
Answer: Hii it's not necessary that bleeding will give u only negative information. Sometimes it happens due to below reasons also .Spotting occur in 15 to 25% of ladies specially in first trimester.  Utreus expansion,Intercourse,Increase in harmones ,Vargina exam, cervical changes but it is always advisable to consult doctor.
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Question: Hello.. i am 7 week 6 days pragnent yesterday small drop of bliding come out .. what i do
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Brown discharge or spotting in first trimester is quite normal for some ladies,but if the color is bright red and heavy,it could be risky.you must consult with doctor no matter how light or dark the discharge is.it may not be risky,but it's always better to check with your doctor.to sum up,any discharges with red or brown tinge could be risky and should not be ignored.early detection could help you from any complications.
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Question: hie i am 6 week pregnant and i am spotting blood !! so what to do now ?
Answer: I am on my honeymoon and i cant reach doctor ! Please help me out! I am worried
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