38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 37 week pregnant but my baby head not in lower pole .. when head in rotate at lower pole....

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Answer: May be your baby is in breech position. Don't worry do some exercise like walking , crawling and drink more water.
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Question: Now am 37 week pregnant but baby head is not down yet
Answer: Baby head downs in as early as 30/weeks. Sometimes as late as 37th Do not worry if you are feeling pressure on the pelvis and a lot of pain. Which signals that the baby has rotated and is pressurizing your uterus. Baby kicks will be felt below the chest area. You can try prenatal yoga with an expert trainer help to do yoga asanas which help the baby move freely and rotate such as pelvic lift and squat. Elevating your pelvic floor, dog or lion pose. Walking for 10/minutea daily Note:- These should be done if your placenta is absolutely normal and not low lying otherwise t may cause premature delivery. Due to exertion. Drink plenty if water more than 3 lt a day to help increase baby movements. Do not worry. Try the suggestions Take care.
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Question: Head in lower pole means
Answer: It means u r baby's head is in good position nd u r chance of normal delivery is more.
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Question: Head at lower pole means what
Answer: It's a good sign for normal delivery. It means head get engaged.
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