33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 33rd week. now I have high bp 140/90.will this affect my baby. I am taking methyldopa 250mg three times a day as per doctor prescribed. how to reduce high bp. kindly answer me.

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Answer: High bp will not affect your baby if you follow some natural tips. Limit or eliminate fried foods. Continuous consumption of fried foods or foods highly concentrated in oil can cause oil to build up in your arteries.  Monitor your salt intake. The daily limit for consumption of salt is 2,400 mg; however, limiting your intake to 1,500 mg only. Maintain a healthy weight and increase physical activity whenever possible.  Increase your potassium by taking dietary supplements or eating foods rich in potassium. Foods rich in potassium include bananas, orange juice, avocados, cantaloupe, tomatoes and chicken. Do breathing exercises or yoga to lower your stress levels and help to stabilize your blood pressure.
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Question: Hi, ma BP is high 140/90 how to reduce this?
Answer: Hello dear,it seem like you are having bp i. Your pregnancy period so immediately consult your doctor and start medication as per your doctor's advise to avoid risk and complications to you and your baby,take care
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Question: Hi, I am 6months pregnant, my BP is 140/90.please suggest how to reduce bp
Answer: Hi.. Exercise 30 to 60 minutes daily. Eatfruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eat low-fat dairy products, lean meats, fish, and nuts. Eliminating foods that are high in saturated fats, such as processed foods, full-fat dairy products, and fatty meats. Keeping your sodium intake to a minimum and limit as much stress as possible.
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Question: I am taking 2 bp medicines 2 times a day from last 2 days and still my blood presure is not in control , what happens if it continues like this. Average BP per day is 140/90
Answer: Hi, Along with taking medication, do some lifestyle changes like decrease salt intake and eating healthy foods and taking up some form of mild exercises like walking. If the bp still continues to be high, then consult your doctor
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Question: Mam, i am taking bp medicines as prescribed by my doctor...will it affect my health or my baby's?
Answer: If the medicine is prescribed by doctor and you are taking it in proper prescribed dosage then it will not cause any harm to baby dont worry about it.
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