10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in week 9, can i use nosil drops

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Answer: I used to have Otrivin but my doctor asked me to stop it immediately. She has given some other spray to work out on my allergic sneezing
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Question: hi my bady facing nosil blocking...am using naso clear drops but no use..what to do?plz tell me
Answer: Hii dear u should know how to use nasal drop.nhold ur baby in ur lap.and put drops in his nose tilting a big so that liquid will go inside well.bdo it one by one in each nose. U can use bulb syringe to take out mucus from the nose as being sonsmall then can't blow it. Other way of keeping baby comfortable from blocking is using humidifier at room. This will help in removing conjection. Also massage baby with warm mustard oil infused with Carom seed and garlic. Also u can use babyrub at the night apply it in the chest and back of bay. Keep baby hydrated well by giving breastmilk. When he is sleeping keep his head elevated. Swaddle him while sleeping .He will feel safe. Layer clothing as per the temperature around you. Also u can make thread mala of warm garlic with the help of needle and thread. Make it wear to baby.itbkills cold bacteria .When garlic get dry then change it. You can also give steam to baby but take extra care while giving this. He will be fine as this is very common among babies. If u are satisfied with above advise do write back. Also u can consult us for any query in future. All the best. Happy parenting.
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Question: I am 9 week pregnant can i use piles tablet
Answer: Hello, please confirm with your gynecologist regarding this tablet.
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Question: What do my baby's nose closes.he is crying alot .i try all remedies n nosil drops
Answer: Kaale chane bhoon kr ek kapde ki potli me baandh lo. Fir wo baby k nose k paas rakho thoda. Jo steem niklegi usse baby will feel relief. Do not touch baby's nose thoda dur se smell krwayen.
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Question: Now in 9 week pregnant can i use soda?
Answer: Hi, Dear you can drink soda but in very moderate form like 1 serving at a time and that also occasionally because soda also contains caffeine in it which is not good to have during pregnancy...
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