36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in the first week of 9th month pregnancy, my baby weight is 2.9kg. Is this a problem, will I have normal delivery? Dr says as I am short, it will be difficult to deliver baby with this weight??

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Answer: Do not worry about that enjoy pregnancy now this time will not come back
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Question: Doctor says i am short ! Is that a problem during pregnancy and delivery i am afraid !
Answer: Hi dear there is no such issue if u r planning ur pregnancy under doctor supervision.they may calls u frequently for the check up and ultrasound but it is fine dear. Just stay calm and plan ur pregnancy under doctor guidance.
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Question: Hi I am 37weeks pregnant now. My baby's weight inside fetus is approximately 3.2. Will it be difficult for normal delivery with this weight
Answer: Sounds an average size to me as u have started your 38th week already...if the weight increases a lot they might induce your labour earlier..for now just exercise and eat healthy.
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Question: hi, iam 37weeks now in my second pregnancy. first one was cesarean. we are trying for normal delivery this time. yesterday i consult my doctor and the baby weight is around 3.2kg.so doctor told me if we wait until 40weeks weight of the baby will increase and it will be difficult to deliver baby vaginaly. now am so confused. some one please help me to choose the best option as am eagerly waiting for normal delivery
Answer: U choose artificial labour option now. It's also effective. Baby weight is not more and vaginally birth possible then also. Bt after c section baby s more weight not gd for internal stitches. So choose artificial labour
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Question: My Baby weight is 2.9kg ,am in 38th week is it possible to normal delivery?
Answer: Upto 3.5kg no problem for normal delivery.
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