6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in the 5th week of pregnancy i took beta hcg test and reported as 3022 and i took a test after 48hours and my increase was 4166 is it a problem

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Question: Is 500.80 beta HCG test in 5th week pregnancy was ok ?
Answer: Yes it is ok...check again in few days to see the increasing level.
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Question: My hcg beta level was 433 and I repeated the test after two days it was 933 . Is it OK?
Answer: Hi dear, As long as it is doubling in 2-3 days,it should be fine.
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Question: What is the ideal range of beta HCG at 5th week? At 4th week my beta hcg was 130. Is it normal?? Or bit less??
Answer: Hi Dear! Around 5 th week the range should be 18-7340 miU/ml.. Please consider showing your report to your gynae whi can help you more with the derails and as per the number its well within range.. Good luck!
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