23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 6 th month first week stage and baby starts kicking, whenever I lying down something happening in my stomach.. I not able to sleep... Is that normal

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Answer: Hi dear yes it is normal and baby is getting naughty now. Baby do move when u r moving all around but as being busy in other work we don't feel it much but when sit idol the movement is more relatable.
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant and I can't able to sleep whenever I sleep I am not able to breathe is it normal please let me know
Answer: Try to sleep on ur left side ..ur baby n u both will feel comfortable
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Question: Its been three days that ive got pain in my vagina...i am 6 months pregnant and whenever i walk i feel really uncomfortable. I am not able to take normal steps and feel a burdon down there.
Answer: Dear it's completely normal to feel pain or pressure on your vaginal area during pregnancy.. it happens because of growing uterus is putting pressure on your lower body also sometimes low lying placenta also cause lot of pressure on your lower body... so don't worry just avoid standing or sitting for long time and also always put a pillow below your legs while sitting.... avoid sudden movements... whenever you want to move from one position do it very slowly and you can put hand under your tummy while walking or standing it will help reduce the pressure from lower body....
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Question: hi.... I am 26 week pregnant....please I wanna know that when baby starts kicking? its my first baby.... !!
Answer: after 24 weeks u will start feeling, sometimes on 7th month also.. so consult ur doctor
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Question: Iam not able to sleep, if i sleep baby is kicking and my bp is going down. My body is heat n i have headache
Answer: Hi dear if you dont take proper sleep them it may cause low bp and head ache so please sleep well atleast 8 hrs a day. Drink warm water it will soothe yhe pain. Drink more water ,tender coconut water everyday. You can also take aloe vera juice with curd or buttermilk evweyday.
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