13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in second trimester I ate fast food continously frm last 2 3 days ..will it effect my baby

3 Answers
Answer: Nopess it's not like that but don't make it a regular habit. If you already have it no point in regretting.Try to keep yourself surrounded with good food.
Answer: Hie better reduce junk and spicy fast foods though it doesn't affect your baby but it causes gastric problems to you.
Answer: Better to avoid fast food
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Question: I am in my second trimester , a brown jelly substance while urinating ? Is it common ?
Answer: I too had this same experience. I contacted my doctor and doctor said me it's a bacterial infection if it is accompanied with no pain. So immediately contact your doctor for further clarifications.
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Question: I ate junk food continuously frm last 2 3 days .. I am so tnsd ..does it puts harm on my baby .. I am 12 week pregnant
Answer: Urself feel discomfort....u shld avoid junk n spicy food as it's effect the growth of d baby.... better avoid such things n keep urself hydrated
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Question: I am in my second trimester but have constant headache...is it normal
Answer: Don't worry.. it's normal in 2nd trimester. Drink lots of water and take good rest. Feel free. Your baby is growing
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