36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 36week of pregnancy...today I had a scan in that spine of the baby in the right side ....is it normal? Doctor said if the spine in left side gives possibility of normal delivery....any one can explain about this pls? I want normal delivery what to do

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Answer: It's based on the position of the baby.. How the baby lies in utero.. And by the time of delivery, there is a chance that the baby again changes its position.. So be relaxed
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Question: i had undergone growth scan yesterday baby head and spine is in left side is that boy or girl pls answer its just for curiosity..
Answer: Since u r asking our of curiosity I would say it's a pink. It's a lovely princess entering u r life. If the baby's head is left then it's a baby girl and vice versa. Congratulations for the arrival of new baby.
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Question: In the 7nth month scanning report wrote that spine is in the left side, what is the meaning about that????
Answer: Hello, This ensures that the abdomen is forward nLying frequently on your left side can also encourage the baby into the “left anterior” position, which puts the baby's spine on the left side of your abdomen.
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Question: Doctor said baby's spine is on right side. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant.is that an issue
Answer: hi dear ! it means that the position is either right occiput anterior or right occiput posterior generally in such cases baby may need a longer time for fetal rotation in labor. dont worry .
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