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Question: I am in my 39th weeks and since 1-2 days i can see pimples on ky stomach..what could be the reason.. anyone has any idea?

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Answer: When there's less oil to combine with dead skin cells, your pores are less likely to clog. If you see something that looks like a pimple on your stomach, it may be an ingrown hair. ... A condition called folliculitis is also similar to acne and causes similar looking pimples.
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Question: My baby is 2months 11 days old.he has got rashes on face and even i could see dandruff on head,what would be the reason,any suggestions
Answer: Hi dear .. don't worry, dandruff nad rashes on face this is common in new born babys. Their skin get dry and it's called baby acne.. i am also mother of 2 month old baby and i have also faced same problem. #You can apply coconut oil on your baby's face on regular basis and don't keep baby skin dry. #You can also apply your breast milk on baby face and after 10 minutes clean with warm filtered water # while giving bath to your baby you can use basen to clean baby body rather than soap. In few days your baby face will get to normal soon. dry skin on baby's scalp which looks like dandruff, apply coconut oil regularly and don't keep scalf dry.. by applying oil dry skin will become loose and then clean with soft baby brush. Hope this will help
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Question: Pimples forming on body what could be the reason
Answer: Hi dear it do happens due to harmonal disbalance and u can take neem water bath to avoid any infection. I will not suggest u to use any cream without doctor suggestion as body pimple can be happening due to allergy also. Taking neem bath is the safest way but still u should consult doctor of it is Bothering u a lot.
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Question: I'm into 27 week. Since 2 days I am feeling heaviness in stomach and constipations. I did not have any outside food. I can feel regular baby movements. What could be the reason for this.
Answer: Growing baby pushes pressure on regular bowel movement. I have been suffering from constipation from day one (now 20weeks). I have been prescribed two bananas everyday and sorbilin liquid thrice a day on sos basis. Now I am feeling ok. But with the growing size of baby constipation is troubling a lot. But banana and sorbilin on SOS (which is a first line drug in pregnancy) is keeping me fine.
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Question: I didn't get my periods since last two months but in between I could see spo and from 2 days I could see more spots but not like periods. What could be the reason??
Answer: May be blood clots from the endometrium. Pls consult your doctor immediately
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