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Question: I am in my ovaluation period.. Yesterday there was sticky discharge.. Today discharge is more but it is not thicky.. It is the symptom of what?

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Answer: If you had sex on your ovulation days then chances of pregnancy will increase but that doesn't mean will conceive for sure.
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Question: Now I am 32weeks date is on July 12th ...but from yesterday evening I am having lots of watery discharge .sticky sticky..
Answer: Dear watery discharge is common during pregnancy due to high levels of hormones secrets from the vagina.but it could be due to amniotic fluid after water break at term.if it is continuous or excessive with any colour change or smell please visit doctor immediately.better to use any vaginal wash daily to prevent pelvic infections.take care
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Question: I am having white discharge like water my last period was 10 may till now i dint get my period but i am having white watery discharge today is 5 days of missed period what does it mean
Answer: Are you planning for pregnancy. Then please wait a couple of days and then take a pregnancy test to confirm result or you can take a beta HCG blood test to confirm the same. If report come negative then you have hormonal imbalance problem in that case you should consult doctor.
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Question: My period date was this month of 6 but from today morning white discharge is more what was the reason plz anybody tl me
Answer: You are in ovulation period ma ..that also white discharge
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