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Question: I am in my 7th month pregnancy but I am feeling so much pain when we sex..

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Answer: Avoid having deep penetration. If you're not feeling to sex, avoid it.. And it is normal to have less feeling during pregnancy. But having intercourse is healthy only
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    rajchinnu chinnu847 days ago

    Thank u

Answer: U should avoid this tym. It can be harmful for you.
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Question: I am in my 7th week of pregnancy, today I am feeling acute pain in my lower abdomen when I am standing after sitting. But when I am taking walk thereafter I feel reliefed. Kindly enlighten is this normal?
Answer: It's perfectly normal to have cramps when you're few weeks pregnant. These cramps take place when you turn all of a sudden or even sneeze. So do not worry.
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Question: My period starts this month 7th so when should I sex to get pregnancy
Answer: Hello! If you have your periods around 7th of the month then you should ovulate around 21st . So it is better to have intercourse from 16th to 23rd of the month. Also you can get the ovulation kit to know the ovulation period. This almost gives the accurate results. Take care
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Question: I am 7th month pregnant....I am feeling so much pressure in my utress...is it normal?
Answer: Hello! Pressure on the uterus is common during pregnancy. It is mainly due to the growing weight of the baby which not only puts pressure on the muscles but also on the organs. Hence nothing to worry. Take care
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