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Question: I am in my 2 weeks wait after my embryo transfer , by mistake i took my vaginal tablet estroflow orally, i didn't have any side effect but I am worried now, could you please help? Will it cause any issue ?

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Answer: Dear if taken once it will not do any harm so don't worry about it ..but yes whenever you visit your doctor do tell her about this ..otherwise just relax and be very cautious about your medications..
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    Shanmuga Priya694 days ago

    Thanks for your reply

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Question: I took pouse-MF tablet by mistake now am 32week pregnant does it affect my baby
Answer: I think it will b not so harmful. This tablet used to treat heavy bleeding during your menstrual period. Still u should inform ur doctor ok
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Question: Mam, by mistake i had thyroid medicine just after my breakfast today....will it have any side effect?
Answer: hi dear! so normally thyroid patients are told to take the medicine 1 hour before the breakfast as levothyroxine is absorbed better on an empty stomach . but if taken after meal the absorption of levothyroxine in the gut is decreased. so it will just mean that the dose that you took will do less effect. so dont worry just remember your timings and dosage and pregnancy is a very important state and everything should be done under very special care dear. and no its wont have any side effect if you have taken after meals its just that it wont be absorbed that well. dont worry from tommorow onwards remember your timings and dosage. take care dear.
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Question: By mistake I took 2 150mg thyronorm tablet instead of 1. M worried, ll it have any effect on baby?
Answer: Hi.. Dear whatever happened is happened, since you id this once, it is ok.. But, you can not afford to make such mistakes repeatedly, be careful from next time..The First trimester it should be less than 2.5 with a range of 0.1-2.5, During the second trimester 0.2-3.0 and in the Third trimester it must be 0.3-3.0.. Since it is on higher side.. Have medicine as prescribed by your gynaecologist without a miss.. Avoid having cabbage, kale and broccoli completely.. Do some breathing exercises.. Take care of these things, your baby is safe don't worry..
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