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Question: I am in 7 month pregency ..I m getting pelvic pain and feeling like pressured and getting often wash room I am scar its labour pain ah?

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Answer: It is not labour pain don't worry. Rushing to bothroom often is very common in pregency since utreus presses the abdomen. Pubic pain at this stage is really normal as your body is preparing for the labour,and therefore the pelvic space is expanding causing the pelvic bones to move and stretch.This cause pain in the vagina,also the cervic might have started dilating and effacement may have started too.This does not mean that you will have labour soon,it just means that your body knows that the baby is coming in few weeks and needs to prepare for the same dear!Be patient,wait for the contractions,visit your doctor to check the cervical dilation!all the best! Be happh
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    Monika Mona346 days ago

    Tqs a lot ......

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Question: I'M in 7 month twin pregnancy. I am feeling pressure and getting pelvic pain. I'M afraid that these are the symptoms of labour pain???
Answer: Hllo dear u r 7 months pregnant dear if u feeling pressure and getting pain consult ur gyno immediately nd go 4 scan .dear my devrani also have this prob nd she gives birth to baby in 7month so consult ur gyno nd take rest nd put pillow under ur legs
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Question: I am light pain on back and stomach . Feeling like vomiting . Its sign to labour
Answer: Hi dear see the labour pain can be a different for different people the symptoms can be different for some it can be lights to a strong pain sometimes for some people it can be strong pain from the initial phase only so you just need to give it sometime and check the kind of discomfort that you are facing but in my opinion it is important to let your doctor know . Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm getting very frequent wash room.. Like in this every two min loo.. Plz help is this any symptoms of before labour pain
Answer: If there is no burning itching or pain then this is normal do not worry Babies rotate in your home and apply pressure is this tarte descending down so if you are not having any pains right now then do not worry but if you have small rhythmic contraction pain although they are smaller and intensity you will need to see gynaelogest understand if your vagina has opened the little bit
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Question: Hi mam I am feeling pain in abdominal when I go to wash room.. is it problem
Answer: Hello dear. A mild pain is absolutely normal as ur exoanding uterus causes pressure on bladder and you may experience mild pain due to that but if the pain is severe then please consult gynae. Hope it helps.
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