13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in first trimester and my throid levels are 4.77 should i take medicine

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Answer: Hello dear In First trimester the TSH range should be less than 2.5 with a range of 0.1-2.5 and in Second trimester the range should be below 3 with a range of 0.2-3.0 As ur TSH is 4.77 in first trimester which is higher side. So, in tbat case u have to start taking ur thyroid tablets.
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    Pooja Mishra421 days ago

    Mine TSH is 4.84 , doctor ives my THYRONORM 50 MG , consult ur doc and start medicine

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Question: What compulsory medicine should i take during first trimester??
Answer: Please do not use medicines without consulting a doctor. If you take medication without prescription of a doctor it can be harmful for you and your baby.
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Question: Mam.. I am suffering from a teeth cavity pain.. And I am in my first trimester of pregnancy.. Which medicine should I take..? Please recommend me
Answer: Dear medication should be prescribed and consulted by doctor only. Till then do warm water gargle and You can take 30 ml of pomegranate juice in a cup and rinse your mouth every day to keep pain relief. Peel a garlic and chew on it directly or apply it on the painful area
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Question: I am having cough(khasi). Any remedy? Should I take medicine? I am in second trimester
Answer: Cough can be reduced to certain extent by following some home remedies 1.Drink warm water only as it helps to clear throat from the mucus 2.Take rock salt heat it in a pan pour in on cloth and massage it in warm temperatures on chest and back it helps to cut the mucus and gives you relief 3.Boil water with basil turmeric pepper ginger and drink only a spoon to two spoons for three to four times a day 4.Heat oil add camphor to it preserve thus oil u can apply this to chest and back while sleeping 5.If difficulty is more you can nebulize with natural saline so that breathing track becomes clear If you still face difficulties please consult doctor
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