18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am in 4 month pregnancy , for past 2 , 3 days having pain on right side of tummy , can u suggest the reason for pain?

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Answer: I do not worry this is called as round ligament pain This can happen due to the expansion of uterus and stretching of muscles however you can do what what the compression you can Bend likely to was the pain you should sit down on the bed and keep your legs straight up all this should help to give you relieve you can also try taking peppermint one teaspoon and Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon twice a day because if it is due to gas or acidity you will get relief if nothing helps please consult to the doctor
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Question: Pain in right side of tummy.... What the reason
Answer: Dear always you must complete your question is the pain very sharp in intensity are you feeling a sharp pain below the abdomen or it is above the abdomen near the upper stomach part you are feeling pain while you are lying down or while your walking and standing are you able to do little bit of work or you are absolutely bedridden because of pain mild pain sometimes because of jerking or baby kicking is normal but not if you have tried to abruptly stand up for abruptly bend down accidentally that may cause pain to you you must not if the pain is followed by abdominal cramps is well and frequent urination then you will need to see your gynecologist once and get 1 ultrasound done as you are already due for 24th week ultrasound so if the pain is bearable you can take the ultrasound on 28th and if the penis intermittently coming and you are not able to rest properly then I will advise you to get 1 ultrasound done now so we can identify the baby's position as well as the condition
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Question: I am having pain in my right side of uterus what can be the reason
Answer: Dear mild abdominal pain is normal during pregnancy because it happens because of stretching of theuterus.So there is nothing to worry in it. Just few changes in daily activities will give you alot of relief.Like avoid standing or sitting for long time , avoid sudden movements like standing or sitting and do it very slowly, keep pillow under your legs while sitting and sleep on your left side and keeppillow between your legs...But in any case you feel pain is constant and unbearable then consult with your doctor.....
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Question: I am having a severe pain on the left side of the stomach from past 2 days. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi, this can be due to the only came in pain which happens due to expansion of uterus and stitching of ligaments however try and take good rest bend slightly towards the pain sit down on the bed with legs straight up it should help to give some relief if there is no relief you should consult to doctor you should also drink more Fluids which will help you or have one teaspoon of peppermint
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