33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am in 33 weeks, I have a little pain in vaginal area while I pee but no any itching. Is it a good sign or bad sign?

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Answer: Hi dear, Sounds like a round ligament pain.there are two ligaments that holds uterus.it is usually short ligaments and once the Pregnancy progresses,it stretches too much,hence sudden movements would give such pains.donot worry.it should.subsife in some time.so better to move around slowly.,..,,
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Question: Hello everyone... I have slight pain in vaginal area. Is it a sign of early labour?
Answer: Slight pain is normal. So u need to worry if u can't tolerate it or ur water bag breaks
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Question: Am 22 weeks pregnant.. i have pain in vaginal area.. is it normal to have pain
Answer: Hi dear, Vaginal pain during pregnancy is very common later in pregnancy. When the cervix begins to dilate in preparation for birth, it can create sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy. Sometimes the dilation process can take several weeks so the pain can be concerning. Nothing to worry of this take healthy diet. Consult your gynecologist for further evaluation.
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant i have some white discharge but no pains is it a sign of labor
Answer: Hi.. Dear you are in 33 week of pregnancy, little more time is left for labour.. However, little white discharge is normal.. But, if you face more then little then inform your gynaecologist about it..
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