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Question: I am 5weeks preganant. I am having asthma nowadays. And doctor suggested me asthalin inhaler.is it harmful to the baby?? What are the home remedies for asthma

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Answer: Dear I also Trigger asthma during my pregnancy and do take inhaler .so don't worry it will not do any harm to the baby .it's very mild and will give you relieve. also whenever you feel that you are getting Breathless just drink a glass of hot water with salt in it .that will give you instant relief but it's better to take the inhaler because inhaler is only prescribed when the problem is severe ..so just drink hot water with salt and take your inhaler..
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    Jesmi Jose N61 days ago

    Thankuu... Is there any other home made remedies

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Question: Hello i am 5weeks pregnant. Now i am having asthma. Doctor suggested me asthalin inhaler. Is it harmful to baby? What are the home remedies for asthma during pregnancy
Answer: Dear inhaler is completely safe to use during pregnancy if it is prescribed by doctor and also the dosage should be strictly as prescription. Here are some memories that will help you; Take black pepper, dry ginger, cloves. Boil all of them in water and take this extract. Mix one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry powder with one teaspoon of honey.Have this every early morning for better results.
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Question: Iam 2 month pregnant right know .i am using asthalin inhaler 200mg due to asthma. it is harmful to baby?
Answer: hi dear ,if you have a asthematic tendency then you can only use inheler during pregnancy but no oral medicine. generally it is safe but you should consult your doctor about this medicine as your doctor knows your present health condition more than anyone else.
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Question: I'm asthma patient, my doctor give me asthalin inhaler and salbair inhaler ,is it OK for me and my baby
Answer: HI dear i don't think it will give side affect as even my sister in law had same issue and during pregnancy she had taken these inhalers. But make sure that ur pediatrician must be aware about it.
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