6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having white vaginal discharge, is it normal?

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Answer: congratulations for your pregnancy and it's normal
Answer: yeah it's absolutely normal in pregenency
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Question: Hiii mam my i having 3 month fch child and having white vaginal discharge is this normal
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear its normal don't worry abht this if discharge s red then also don't worry .. it's happens because she was exposed to your hormones when she was in your womb. The swelling and discharge should go away within a few weeks.so dint worry .
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Question: I m 5 months pregnant, I am facing the problem of white discharge,, is it normal?
Answer: White discharge in pregnancy is normal dear. If it is associated with any foul smell or vaginal itching then you need to see doctor and take treatment.
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Question: I have fch having white vaginal discharge is this normal?and how should clean genitalia
Answer: Dear vaginal discharge s normal take cotton nd clean it if discharge s red then also its normal don't worry .take care.
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