16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having vomiting after taking iron tablets. Can anyone help how to cure it. I am having ferosav-forte tablets.

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Answer: Hiii dear... Iron tablet causes severe gas so u may feel nausea or vomiting. So ask ur Dr to give antacid and to change iron tab to soft iposomal iron which ll cause less gas formation .. eat some ginger pieces which ll helpful in reducing vomiting also... Walk for a while after lunch and dinner. Tkcr
Answer: You must consult your doctor... Try to sniff lemon or orange or mint leaves while having tablets if u can.. It will help to reduce vomit feeling.
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    Mamun Jagi9 days ago

    Mint leaves are not recommend during pregnancy... It may causes miscarriage.

Answer: Consult your dr. ....to change the medicine. My dr told me that iron tablets have some side effects . As it not suit to everyone.
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