21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having swelling in my legs ...i am 20 weeks pregnant..what should I do

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Answer: Swelling may be reduced by eating foods that are high in potassium, such as bananas, and by avoiding caffeine. Here are some other helpful hints to manage swelling during your pregnancy: Avoid standing for long periods.Minimize outdoor time when it is hot.Rest with your feet elevated.Wear comfortable shoes, avoiding high heels if possible.Wear supportive tights or stockings.Avoid clothes that are tight around your wrists or ankles.Rest or swim in a pool.Use cold compresses on swollen areas.Drink water, which helps flush the body and reduce water retention.Minimize sodium (salt) intake and avoid adding additional salt to meals.
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant. In my both legs joint more pain. What I should do..
Answer: Hi dear, Though many pains are normal during pregnancy and it is hard to say,if the pain is due to anything else. Joint pains could be due to several reasons in pregnancy: 1- calcium deficiency ( increase intake of dairy products and leafy vegetables) 2- insufficient vit D(expose yourself to early morning sunlight for better absorption of calcium) 3-b12 deficiency ( increase intake of animal meat) 4- increase in uric acid 5- gouts 6- increase in body weight Use cold and hot compress to the pain area.cold weather could worsen the situation.so try to keep your self warm.elevate your legs while sitting.
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Question: Hi i am 20 weeks pregnant n am having twins n now there is swelling in my legs n hands what should i do ???
Answer: Swelling is a common thing in Pregnancy,mostly happens due to excessive water rentension and addition fluid build up in body .it mainly happens in legs as you keep hanging it downwards.somw also get in face and hands.takr less salt in food and increase your fluid intake.it flushes out extra water out of body.soak your legs in Luke warm water with salt dissolved in it ,for releif.in rare cases the swelling of face and other body parts could indicate high BP and kidney issues.so do check on that as well...
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Question: I am having swelling in my legs ... What to do ?
Answer: Hi dear, Swelling is very normal part of pregnancy.it is usually due to water retention and more blood supply. Swelling in legs and hands is called edema,and is quite normal.it happens to keep your body soft to expand during pregnancy. Try to drink plenty of water and lower intake of salt in food. Try not to hang your legs and keep it up with support...
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