36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having stomach cramps and loose motion problem. Also i am having headache.please tell me is it normal?

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Question: I m having loose motion. also stomach ache with motion
Answer: During pregnancy, there is a hormonal imbalance in your body. The body would surely take some time to adjust. This may result in digestive process failure and about tiredness it's happening as your body is working a lot to develop the baby,  you should take a lot of rest,  even if you are working or doing house chores take some break and rest.  For loose motions, you can try some remedies  Mustard Seeds: Dissolve the ¼ teaspoon of mustard seeds in a tablespoon of water and leave it still for an hour. Then use this water like a regular oral tonic.  Repeat this process two to three times a day to get rid of loose motion. Mustard seeds are said to have good antibacterial properties. Lemonade: Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory properties that will help in easily cleaning toxins from the stomach. First, extract the juice and add 1 tablespoon of salt along with a tablespoon of sugar to it. Mix it well and then consume this lemonade every hour till you feel that the toxins have been flushed out. Pomegranate: Pomegranate effectively helps in reducing the loose motion problem. The seeds from two pomegranate fruit a day are enough to stop continuous bowel motions. Methi Or Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek has excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is also an excellent home remedy to fight continuous bouts of loose motion. Take 1-2 teaspoons of dried fenugreek seeds in powdered form along with a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach. This can give complete relief from loose motions Stay Hydrated: Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water daily can help a lot. You should also make it a habit of consuming certain healthy soups or fruit juice. Electrolyte powder mixed in water will also provide you relief from stomachache
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Question: Hi.. I am having loose motion and my stomach is also paining..what should i do
Answer: Hello dear, diarrhea can decrease water level in your body. Need to consult your gynoclosit immediately and start medicine to stop it. Along with medicine, Take light food in your diet. You should avoid to take roti. Mung dal ki khichari with curd will help to prevent loose motion. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber like oats, carrots, apple and bananas good during this time. You must take light-foods. Avoid milk in your tea time, you can take lemon tea also for good result. Add some liquids like watermelon, juice, coconut water, soup, lemon water,soup etc. in your diet. Try to take more rest.
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Question: Hi.. i m having stomach cramps.. is it normal. I am 5 weeks pregnant. Also my hcg is 1040.
Answer: Sleep more on the left side it will increase blood circulation and reduce muscle cramps
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