38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having some lump like structure on anus outside.. i am 39 weeks pregnant.. what do i do..

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Answer: They are hemorrhoids.. Eat more fiber food as constipation leads to pain and increase in hemorrhoid flare up. If it hurts to poop you can use vaseline or coconut oil around anal opening. You have to manage them with fiber rich diet and fluids. Nothing to worry, its quiet common in pregnancy.
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Question: My baby has lump near anus .....just like piles ....plz nneed help what to do .....
Answer: Hi Some babies suffer like this in summer...please do a consultation with prdiatrician to check whether its because of summer or any other bacterial infection...take care
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Question: I am having stomach cramps, like that in infection, 33 weeks pregnant. What should i do ? Plz suggest some medicine.
Answer: Hello dear. Please do not take medicine like that. If you are getting cramps you need to see your gynae as at this stage cramps are not normal abd should be reported to your gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 29 week pregnant. I am having vaginal pain after untercourse like some heavyness on vagina? What should I do
Answer: Don't worry it was common to every one, it is because of weight gaining of baby in womb. That pressure will fall on our vagina. But if your getting unbearable pain please consult your doctor immediately..
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