20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am having placenta -posterior , low lying approx 3.3cm from os at 18wks and 6days . is any thing serious and what i can do to bring it in normal lying

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Answer: its better to take bed rest..
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Question: hi,in 16 weeks is it normal of posterior low lying placenta away from os?what should i do?
Answer: Following conception, the placenta implants itself somewhere in your uterus, in no specific position. It may choose to implant low, high, posterior (back) or anterior (front). After an ultrasound — usually the 20 week scan — you may be told that you have a low lying placenta, meaning the placenta has implanted low down in your uterus, close to your cervix. This is reported in around 5% of pregnancies. There is absolutely no need to worry if you are amongst this 5% – you can continue your daily activities as per normal unless you have been advised otherwise. Usually restrictions like no sex or lifting etc are prescribed to women who have placenta previa (placenta covering their cervix) and or those who experience blood loss due to a low lying placenta. But rest assured, as you doctor may tell you, there is a very high chance that a low lying placenta will be higher at a later scan. In your third trimester (until around 36 weeks) the bottom part of your uterus does most of it’s growing and stretching, taking the placenta with it. It doesn’t ‘migrate’ upwards, but being attached to the uterine wall, it’s carried upwards with it. In 0.5% of cases, the placenta doesn’t move up with the uterus – so given that small percent, there is an extremely good chance that your placenta will not be covering your cervix when it’s time to give birth, enabling you to have a vaginal birth. If you have a low lying placenta at 18-20 weeks, this does not mean you need a caesarean section. The placenta will highly likely be further away from the cervix at the end of your pregnancy. In your first and second trimesters, the uterus still has much growing to do, so an ultrasound late in your third trimester (after the uterus has finished growing) will give you and your doctor or midwife a better picture of what’s really going on – and if it really a matter of concern.
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Question: I have placenta posterior and low lying coming upto internal os. Is this serious issue?
Answer: hi dear! so as long as its not covering the internal os then there is no problem dear. you might need one more scan later in the pregnancy so that the position of the placenta can be seen and accordingly the decision of the delivery can be made dear. dont worry dear. take care
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Question: Hi, I am 30weeks 6days preganent. What do you mean by "low lying placenta just above the os"(placenta posterior grade 2 in maturity)
Answer: Low lying placents means your placenta is near cervix. But you dont need to panic as still there is lot of time for your placents to move as your tummy expands.
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