26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am having periods like pain is it normal...please reply getting too much tensed

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Answer: I do not worry it is normal take good rest eat well stay fit and drink lot of water so that you are well hyderated. disc pain cause due to the expansion of uterus and stretching of muscles before do not worry
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Question: I am 6weak preganent.i am having periods like pain. Is it normal?and I am in too much stress.and when to do first Sonography?
Answer: Till then take maximum rest, drink a lot of water, avoid sex and avoid too much travelling
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Question: I am getting too much legs pain and i am 33 week pregnant is it normal ?
Answer: It's due to the weight of your growing baby. Just take rest..
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Question: I am having too much muscle pain in my legs.. is it normal? Having too much trouble while sleeping, walking.
Answer: HI, it could be due to leg cramps. also sleeping trouble could occur in 37 weeks pregnancy. stretch your calf muscles once in a while,also you can ask your doctor to prescribe a magnesium supplement as it can help with cramps. do not self medicate. always consult your doctor before starting any new drug.
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Question: I am having too much drowsiness, is it normal?
Answer: Ya it is common...drink more water and juice... always keep you as hydrated then you feel little bit better
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