38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having pain on my back side.from 5 days.due to which I am not able to walk sit stand it is a sign of labour pain..??

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Answer: yes i ofcourse a pain which can not able to walk or sit is called labour pain consult your dr as fast as possible
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Question: Having back pain from morning, it is a sign of labour pain, can I consult doctor
Answer: Hi dear, severe back pain, frequent urination, loose motion all these are pre labour symptoms. But immediately there is no need to consult your doctor, atleast wait for sometimes if it continues for more than a day or two then you should talk to your doctor. Till then take rest and take Hot and Cold compress to get relief. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am not able to sit my back is paining is it a sign of labour
Answer: Back pain is quite common especially in the last trimester.dur to increase in body weight along with rapid growth of baby,it takes toll on your back.try the following tips to comfort yourself: maintain a good posture,keep yourself,,,, active,never sit or stand in one place for long,hot and cold compress works to relax the muscles,donot lift heavy objects,which could strain your back,always bend after folding your knees,sleep in your sides,check your calcium and vitamin D levels,wear comfortable shoes or slippers.acoid heals.
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Question: Mild back pain .. continuous urination.. not able to walk lower abdomen pressing a lot.. is this sign of labour
Answer: Hi as it might be a sign of labor so inform your doctor and also track your symptoms and take care everything will be fine stay positive all the best
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