10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having pain in left side of my stomach, had heavy vomitting and constipation issue. Please suggest what to do? Is it ok to have pain?

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Answer: Hi as these symptoms are common during pregnancy and it is due to increased pressure of uterus on abdominal muscles and so the pain occurs and vomiting is caused due to hormonal changes. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated it will help. Take care
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Question: I m 22 weeks pregnant and having pain in left side of stomach...is it normal. Please suggest
Answer: Hello! mild pain is common..it might be due to streching n expanding of utreus n other organs..dont worry..take proper rest n healthy diet.
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Question: Hello Dr. Please respond I have pain in my lower left side of stomach not heavy but it's hurting me continuesly from last 2hrs what to do
Answer: Hi Dear! Pregnancy causes a lot of stretching and loosening of muscle, the growing uterus pushes al other internal organs hence a little bit of pain here and there is normal, as far as the leg cramps r concerned its becausr of the back, the back supports the weight of the body and due to growing weight the lower back as well as leg keeps cramping or aching, there is not much you can do about except put a warm bag at the lower back, walk daily, correcting postures, sitting with a lot of back support like sitting pillows or cushions etc.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am having pain in left side stomach what to do
Answer: Hello! Mild pain is common during pregnancy. But if the pain is more than please consult the doctor. Mild pain happens due to the expansion of the uterus which is making space for the baby. For this you can try the following. Drink plenty of water. Sleep on sides. Go for brisk walk. Apply hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Take care
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