14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having pain and discomfort on my lower back. Also i am comfortable sleeping on my back. Any relief for the lower back pain

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Answer: Dear back pain is normal during pregnancy and it happens because of the growing of the uterus the internal organs make a change and pressure on back cause pain. So dont worry just keep a straight posture all the time and also do some mild hot compress on your back that will give you relief....
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Question: I feel comfortable to my right side for sleeping. make any discomfort to my baby???...
Answer: Hi dear the best side to sleep during pregnancy is on your left side because Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby . But in between you can sleep on your right side also but try to sleep more on your left side.
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Question: I have back pain. If am sleeping on my back it gives relief. Shall i continue that for some time?
Answer: Avoid sleeping on back during pregnancy as this will cause insufficient amount of blood supply as well as nutrients to baby. As also it causes increases blood supply to head. And you may have breathlessness and uncomfortable. So avoid sleeping on back and back pain is common as it is caused due to stretching of back muscles have massage over back it will help, avoid sitting for longer duration without support, these will help to reduce pain
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Question: I Have used pain relief spray for my lower back pain. Is it safe? I am having lower back pain specifically right corner side and also in thighs. What should I do?
Answer: these pain relief spray contain diclofenac which is not good during pregnancy and specially after 30 weeks dear. you can use hot water compress instead. stomache/Back and leg pain in pregnancy is generally normal and you do not need to be worried about it if it is mild or moderate .It is caused due to ligaments getting stretched due to the expanding uterus,the effect of relaxin hormone which causes relaxation of ligaments and joints loosening,sciatic nerve compression is the most common reason of leg pain .It begins in the lower back and runs down the lower limb.Warm compresses can be given to your back and lower limb to get relief from the pain.Avoid slouching and maintain a proper posture while sitting,standing and also while sleeping.Place a pillow between your legs and lying down on the side is recommended.Do not sit or stand in a place for long.Keep moving often.It is recommended for lowering the extent of pain.In case the pain is severe or is accompanied with bleeding,visit your gynaecologist soon.
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