1 months old baby

Question: I am having one month girl baby. Now i am having problem that i am getting more pain when i am passing stool its hard to. No bleeding but it's hurt more when passing stool

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Answer: It might be due to heat in body.. Consult your doctor and take smoothly Syrup..
Answer: U might b suffering from piles... Plz chk wid ur gynac
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Question: I'm passing hard stool, during the it's more pain ? I couldn't pass it daily
Answer: Please consult your docter, because i also had the same problem Hard stool with blood and found that i had piles. Some women gets piles after delivery.
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Question: Hai am having pain in passing stool and its hard with blood
Answer: hi dear! dear you will need a stool softner dear. try using dulcolax its safe to use in pregnancy and do consult your doctor before using them. also the blood as due to the hard stools that is irritating the membranes and causing the bleeding. also eat bananas , it will help you. take care . i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: One month old baby passing hard stool. What to do
Answer: Hello... Dear to reduce babys constipation follow these remedies,it might be helpful for you... feed your baby regular interval,give baby some tummy massage,give warm water bath and movement like butterfly will be helpful
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