30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having mild hydromnias is any risk during delivery

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Answer: Hydromnia mein preterm labour k chances hote hai. Severe hydromnia risk hai baby ko.. Baby mein kuch defects aa sakte hai
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Question: Due to am having thyroid is there any risk during my delivery whether I will have normal or c section.. please
Answer: Hii.. no worries dear..one of my few friends and also known frnds in this app having thyroid and got a normal delivery.. ur gyno would have prescribed additional tab for thyroid so that won't decide ur delivery .. ur baby position will determine to go for normal or sec.. if it's cephalic position baby seats getting ready for normal and u have more chances .. so do talk to ur baby ..have positive vibes .. if ur gyno suggested any excercis like squats and walking do it regularly. ..
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Question: I am having a mild cold any home remedies
Answer: Cough and cold is very common during pregnancy dear.. It be fine as time go.do not take any antibiotics medicine for this.. This is not a serious problem.. Or don't take medicine without doctor advice. Drink regular hot water.. Ginger and honey is good for cold and cough.. Hot water and honey makes good combination to prevent cold and cough. Lime tea ginger tea also good for cold.. Contact doctor if feel difficulty in breathing chest pain, blood in caugh.. Take care.
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Question: I got hpothyrodiosm 0.05 level is it risk during delivery time i am 37 week pregnant
Answer: hi dear! you will need treatment dear you cannot let it go untreated dear. if the tsh is 0.05 it means you are having hyperthyroidism dear. and with methimazole you should be fine dear. the baby wont have problem as if preterm delivery was to be there it would have done before 37 weeks. so dont worry you will need medicines dear. take care dear.
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