20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having low lying placenta.. Doctor told bed rest for 15 days.. Can i sit on the floor n do household works? Or complete bed rest i should take

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Answer: dear if you are sitting for a very short time and it is necessary then that's ok but remember that low lying placenta can cause bleeding which is not good for you
Answer: Complete bedrest..... To cure it fast
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Question: I am having low lying placenta.. What precautions i should take.. Am getting scared
Answer: Hey, don't worry just take bed rest as much as you can, avoid long-distance travelling, sex, jerk, bending and any kind of work which put pressure on your abdominal. Don't be constipated. And take your medicines on time and follow your diet.take care
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Question: hello mam. i got spotting on 20sept midnight. then got spotting yesterday . so went for ultrasound. the baby is fine with normal cardiac activity and movement. but they advised me complete bed rest. so is this ok with me or are there any chances of complication
Answer: No dear you should totally take rest and be positive dont worry u n baby will be fine soon
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Question: There was some water on the floor and my leg had splittened a bit After that in night or when I sleep there is a huge pain below my lower abdomen or say between the legs what should I do now?
Answer: If ur feeling baby movements thn fine and if u r having consistance pain do go to doctor
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