6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having loose motions from the last five days. Wat should I do...I am currently taking duphaston

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Answer: Drink lots of fruit juice, water. U cn also take fenugreek along with water. . This will reduce the heat from body. Have a gud head shower.
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Question: I am 25 weeks of pregnant. I am having back pain. What should i do?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy due to physical changes back pain s common in pregnancy Wear low-heeled shoes or sleepers with good arch support,Sleep on your sides specially left side Keep one or both knees bent. , give warm compress, use maternity belt ,do yoga nd execise ,walking s also helpful..try it
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Question: I'm suffering from loose motions from last 3 days .m not taking any medicine for this , just taking ORS is it ok to not take any medicine. Loose motions can harm to baby or not ?
Answer: It ll sometimes decrease womb water so better consult doctor
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Question: I am getting lower stomach pain and vaginal pain from the yesterday,what should i do,can i consult doctor??
Answer: U should consult ur doc it is sign of labour pains
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