18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having loose motion twice from morning and having vomitting sensation. But I am hungry. What can I eat now.

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Answer: Hi dear,drink lots of water and have curd with rice
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Question: Vomitting twice last night. Loose motion in the morning once. What medicine should i take or any home remedy. Not feeling hungry at all
Answer: Dry roast sagoo n make a fine powder. To one cup of  add 2 tsp of this powder n mix properly. Bring this to a boil n form a thin paste. Add 1tsp of cow ghee n salt to taste. Give this paste. This will stop loose motions n vomitings Pressure Cook moong dal n make a thin paste by adding water. Bring it to a boil. Add 1tsp of cow ghee n salt to taste. Give this. This will eliminate stomach pain the reason for loose motion To stop vomiting ask ur doc for doxinate tab
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Question: Hi, am in 28th week pregnancy having loose motion from the morning.... Kindly suggest what shall I eat
Answer: Hi. hi dear! Try to go without medicine.. use plain tea (without milk) with lemon, eat whole grain biscuits, bread, bun, stop eating spicy foods. After dysentery stops take oats, curd rice, idlie with ghee or ginegly oil like steamed foods or soft foods without spicy. Coz after dysentery wounds may form in ur stomach so if u eat like this means it will recover easily. This summer heat may cause stomach ache & dysentery ... so try to have plenty of water, fresh juices, ice apple & buttermilk. Oil bath also helps your body cool. note: don't have banana, spicy foods, buttermilk during dysentry it cause more sometimes... hav banana & buttermilk after it stops. hope it will help you.
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Question: I am 19weeks pregnant and from morning suffering from loose motion..what to do
Answer: Hi! Yes, loose motions can happen in pregnancy due to hormonal changes, diet changes, development of food sensitiveness or it could be a stomach bug. Keep yourself hydrated well, you can drink some energy drinks like coconut water. Have easily digestible food and try to think of what you had before your loose motions started and avoid that. If you have excessive pain with it or you have loose motions continuously please consult your Doctor.
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