9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having itching problem on whole body. What could be the cause & treatment? Is there anything serious in it?

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Answer: Ya im dealing with the same problem i applied alvra gel and cocunt oil to get rid of that...when i asked my doc she said its normal in pregancy but u shld not itch just apply suthol or any mostzr or anything like alvera gel or cocunt oil to ease ur itch...
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Question: I am having severe pain in left breast and headache and leg pain. What is the cause? Please rwply
Answer: They may not connected.. as you are a new mum you could be sleep deprived because of that headache is common. Theek gentle massage with cold compress to get relief from headache and have a cup of ginger tea.. for 20 pin you have to get oil massage followed by hot compress and cold compress. Weight gain and improper sleeping and sitting habit and leads to this problem legpain. Try not to gain weight and maintain calcium rich diet also take full body massage for few days. Hope you will get relief.
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Question: Hi,I have started with itching problem all overflow body.and it is more in night.what could be the reason and will it affect by baby
Answer: Our body expands so our skin does it is the reason for itching.. apply coconut oil after bath or moisturizer. Try moms co. Body butter.. it helps alot with the itching.. apply it after ur bath
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Question: I am having itching whole body! Y?? And remedy
Answer: It may be a kind of skin disease. If not it may be due to hermonical imbalance. You should consult your doctor immediately.
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